Rock Star Interviews

Ray West (Spread Eagle, Weapons of Anew) Interview
Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, Last in Line, Resurrection Kings) Interview
Rough Cutt (Rockin’ Dave Alford and Chris Hager) Interview
Reality Suite (Kimmii, Brian, Joe, and Antonio) Interview
Robin McAuley (McAuley Schenker Group, Black Swan, Raiding the Rock Vault) Interview

What is Hard, Heavy & Hair?

Think: House of Hair meets Sirius XM Octane with a dash of Howard Stern and a splash of Eddie Trunk.

Hard, Heavy, and Hair with Pariah Burke is a world-wide syndicated radio show featuring 2 full hours of heart-pounding, guitar-crunching, throat-rending Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hair Bands from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 20-teens, and all the way up to today.

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Gone But Not Forgotten: 12 Rock and Metal Heroes We Miss

Gone But Not Forgotten: 12 Rock and Metal Heroes We Miss

Kirsty LoehrApr 7, 20201 min read

It can be easy to forget that our idols are actual real-life people with real life issues. Therefore, when one of them dies it can come as a complete shock. That’s right, although our heroes might seem untouchable, at the…

Metadata is Crucial to Getting Your Music & Mixes Broadcast

Metadata is Crucial to Getting Your Music & Mixes Broadcast

Pariah BurkeJul 18, 20191 min read

This is a Public Service Announcement for musical artists. To radio people, your metadata is like your book cover: if it looks bad, no one picks it up for a closer look (or listen). If you want to get aired,…

10 Sexiest Hard Rock and Metal Frontwomen

10 Sexiest Hard Rock and Metal Frontwomen

Kirsty LoehrJan 7, 20191 min read

Sadly, female leading vocalists can be hard to come by, even in this day and age. That’s right, with hard rock and metal a male dominated musical genre, the female frontwoman is a rare breed. But that doesn’t mean they…

10 Greatest Hard Rock and Hair Band Drum Songs

Kirsty LoehrMar 20, 20181 min read

Everybody has their own opinion on who the best drummer ever was or even still is, but what about the best drumming songs? Underrated to say the least, drummers get little acknowledgement, especially when it comes to Rock n’ Roll.…

5 Myths About Metal Debunked

Benjamin OwinoMar 15, 20181 min read

Just like any other popular genre of music, over the years Metal has seen a sharp rise in misconceptions or myths. You have probably come across people who shun this type of music because they think it is violent or…

10 Naughtiest Hair Rock Songs of All Time

Kirsty LoehrMar 13, 20181 min read

Everybody loves a good raunchy number, especially with heavy riffs and lustful guitar licks. That’s right, not just about making noise, hard rock can also rock the bed sheets–especially when done correctly. To celebrate hair bands at that their sexiest,…

Rocas de Metal Latino! 5 Latin Metal Bands Rocking the World

Benjamin OwinoMar 8, 20181 min read

The Metal music industry is one of the most competitive, with some of the most renowned bands having their origins in the United States. However, there are a few bands that have risen from other parts of the world by…

The 5 Best Hair Metal Bands of All Time

Benjamin OwinoMar 6, 20181 min read

Hair metal can sometimes be referred to as glam metal or pop metal. It is characterized by pop-influenced hooks, guitar riffs and costuming that mimics the 1970s fashion. This kind of music gained popularity in the 70s and 80s with…

Hot Glam! 10 Glammiest Glam Frontmen of 80s Hair Metal

Kirsty LoehrMar 1, 20181 min read

Glam metal, also known as hair metal, hit its pitch during the early 80s. Basically heavy metal, without so much of the heavy, glam metal hosts a whole load of pop-influenced guitar riffs and killer hooks. Associated with over the…

Rhymin’ & Riffin’: Top 5 Rap Metal Bands

Benjamin OwinoFeb 27, 20181 min read

Rap metal or heavy rap is a subgenre of rap rock that incorporates the use of heavy metal guitar riffs, funk metal aspects, rap lyrics and turntables. This type of music is basically a fusion of rock and rap in…