5 Myths About Metal Debunked

Just like any other popular genre of music, over the years Metal has seen a sharp rise in misconceptions or myths. You have probably come across people who shun this type of music because they think it is violent or promotes the use of narcotic drugs, but this is not always the case. Of course there are a few times when artists have been associated with less than ideal situations but that does not mean everyone in the industry is behaving in a similar manner. To put the record straight here are some of the top 5 myths and misconceptions about Metal music everyone should know.

5. Metal Has No Lyrics

Critics of this genre of music claim that artists do not have to spend time coming up with lyrics to their songs because all they do is make noises and play instruments. This could not be farther from the truth. Metal artists actually spend a lot of time writing their lyrics. Just because the music comes out loud and relies on guitar riffs and distortions doesn’t mean that it does not pass a message. A lot of Metal musicians express their fears, joys and aspirations through lyrics. They sometimes emphasize experiences such as pain by screaming or shouting out loud.

4. Metal Glorifies Satanism

Because some Metal artists are known to wear costumes that feature things like horns or masks with monster faces, people believe they are promoting Satanism. This is another misconception that must be avoided. The truth is that Metal artists come up with vivid imagery to capture attention and send their message to an alert audience. The only subgenre of Metal that may promote Satanism is called black Metal. Of course there may be a few individuals in the industry that say or do things that seem to glorify Satanism, but this happens even in other genres of music.

3. Singers Must Put on Makeup and Have Long Hair

Indeed a lot of Metal singers wear some kind of makeup when shooting a video or performing live on stage. However, this is not a requirement. Makeup helps individuals feel confident about themselves and can even emphasize the messages that are being sent. It is worth pointing out that artists in other genres of music also wear makeup during performances and video shoots.

2. Metal Is Sexist

As Metal rose in popularity a lot of people seemed to believe that it is a sexist type of music. A number of bands and artists sang lyrics that trivialized sex and women. However, hardly any modern artist or band writes lyrics that demean women as sex objects. As a matter of fact there are also female bands and artists creating Metal music and receiving honors for their talents.

1. Metal Is Racist

There are numerous times when people make comments to the effect that Metal music is racist. They claim that almost all singers are Caucasian and the fanbase is made up of the same race. This is another myth because Metal music has fans from just about every race on earth. Noteworthy is the fact that countries such as South Africa and Iraq have Metal artists and bands that are doing well despite these countries being composed most of people who are not Caucasian.

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