Hard, Heavy & Hair Music-Only Edition

The Music-Only Edition is a special weekly VIP-only perk for Patreon Supporters. It’s all the music in the regular weekly Hard, Heavy & Hair Show, but just the music! All the talk, commentary, IDs, liners, and commercials have been taken out, leaving just uninterrupted music. It’s the heart-pounding, guitar-crunching, throat-rending Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hair Bands from the 70s, 80s, 90s, 00s, 20-teens, and all the way up to today with nothing in between!

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Hard, Heavy & Hair Music-Only Edition is not available to stations for radio air-play.

Sample Music-Only Edition

This is a recent Hard, Heavy & Hair Music-Only Edition show as delivered for instant on-demand streaming to VIP Patreon Supporters the same day as the corresponding regular Hard, Heavy & Hair Show (with commentary, Rock trivia, and Cover Song of the Week clues) is delivered to radio stations for air play and to Patreon Supporters for on-demand streaming.