Front Row Ticket

Short Form Daily Show

Pariah Burke’s Front Row Ticket is a daily vignette, or short form show, aired throughout the broadcast day on FM, AM, and Internet radio stations around the world.

Each day of the week, 365 days per year, Pariah Burke’s Front Row Ticket plays a live concert recording of one song (two on Saturdays and Sundays) from artists across many sub-genres of Rock N’ Roll. One day it could be Classic Rock with Led Zeppelin, the next 80s Hair Metal with Poison, and the next a 2019 Elvis cover by Greta Van Fleet. What matters is that it’s live, it’s energetic, it’s Rock N’ Roll, and it transports you to the front row of the concert!

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Sample Front Row Ticket (Weekly Edition)

This is a recent Weekly Edition of Pariah Burke’s Front Row Ticket, which collects all 7-days of the daily show into a special edition with unique intro and outro. The Weekly Edition is available for streaming by those whose local radio stations don’t carry the daily show, or who miss an episode of the Daily Edition of Pariah Burke’s Front Row Ticket.

Only the Daily Edition is available to radio stations.

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