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Britain's Chez Kane is an 80s Rock songstress who studied at the feet of Vixen and Pat Benatar, but who, through a terrible twist of fate, was frozen in her early 20s in a cryogenic sleep chamber for the last 35 years. In 2020 her long lost cryo tube was discovered, and Chez was defrosted and awoken by the lead singer of Crazy Lixx just in time to bring the world an album full of much needed hopeful, energetic, totally fun 80s Hard Rock.  Signed to Frontiers Music, Chez Kane is optimistic and effervescent about her debut solo album in this new era. I spoke with Chez, and the day after this interview, Chez Kane's self-titled debut album charted in the UK. Two days after that, it landed on the Billboard Hard Music Albums and Top New Artist Albums charts in the U.S., proving that Rip Van Winkle 80s songstress Chez Kane and songwriter Danny Rexon have tapped into a universal desire for fun, light 80s Hard Rock. Chez and I talk about: Why the world needs Chez Kane’s music right now The song that made Chez fall in love with her solo album How to pronounce her name correctly Dealing with Internet trolls That saxophone scene in the Lost Boys Being discovered on YouTube Will she pull a Michael Jackson and leave her family band Kane'd? Meeting Joe Elliott of Def Leppard — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/pariahrocks/message
  1. Chez Kane (singer)
  2. Reb Beach (Whitesnake, Winger, Black Swan, guitarist)
  3. George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, The End Machine)
  4. Conny Bloom (Electric Boys, vocalist & guitarist)
  5. Lisa Perry aka Hellz (Hellz Abyss vocals)
  6. Mike Langford (Tense Machine & Deadset Society, drummer, record producer, artist consultant)
  7. Silo – Brian (guitar) and Matt (vocals) [Hardcore Country Metal]
  8. Banshee – Terry Dunn (guitar, founder) & George Call (vocals)
  9. Black Wolf Mountain – John Adams (guitar, founder) & Dylan Kidner (vocals)
  10. Brandon Cook (The Loyal Order, Black N' Blue, & Metalmorphosis)

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