5 of the Best 90s Hard Rock and Metal Bands You’ve Never Heard Of

The 90s were a fascinating time for music, with grunge taking off in the United States and metal veering off in a new direction only to become heavier and louder and harder and scarier by the mid-nineties. However, like many things, only the best survived, and several metal bands were sadly left behind. Yes, we all know which ones made it, so let’s focus on the ones that didn’t, but maybe should have. Here are 5 of the best 90s hard rock and metal bands you haven’t heard of.

5. Tokyo Blade

Tokyo Blade were an English heavy metal band during the eighties and nineties and considered one of many involved in the new wave British heavy metal scene at the time. However, unlike Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath, the heavy riffs and beat out drums just didn’t cut the mustard, so the band sadly bombed. Over the years, Tokyo Blade has gone through several changes throughout its lengthy time on the road and is still going strong to this day.

4. Dearly Beheaded

Back in the nineties the British metal scene was the best in the world, with niche and obscure bands around every corner. Dearly Beheaded were no different and in 1993 they released a demo called, “We the Unwilling”. The demo was a hit and the band won an MTV contest for the best unsigned metal band which resulted in a major label. Unfortunately, the band were dropped before they even released an album and have never been seen since.

3. Pulkas

Pulkas were one of those bands that were really good but somehow never quite managed to make it to the big time. Voted the best new band in 1998, the band were also reviewed favourably in several music magazines. However, Pulkas only managed to release one album before splitting and put it down to, “boring tedious music business bullshit.” Fair enough.

2. Liquid Jesus

Hard rock band Liquid Jesus formed in the USA in 1990 and hit immediate success due to their experimental and tentative sound. Famed for fusing psychedelic jazz and heavy metal the band were extremely popular, for a short while anyway. Yep, sadly the band just couldn’t keep up with the likes of Jane’s Addiction (who were killing it at the time) and several other hard rock bands of the 90s.

1. The Beyond

The Beyond were a progressive metal band from The UK and performed under both The Beyond (between 1988 and1993) and Gorilla (from 1995 to 1998). Known for their use of funk fused with metal, the band were extremely unique at the time. However, for some reason the metal scene just didn’t quite get it and the band were left to wither away on the shelves and fade into obscurity.

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