10 Naughtiest Hair Rock Songs of All Time

Everybody loves a good raunchy number, especially with heavy riffs and lustful guitar licks. That’s right, not just about making noise, hard rock can also rock the bed sheets–especially when done correctly. To celebrate hair bands at that their sexiest, here are the 10 naughtiest hair band songs of all time.

After all, Spinal Tap did say, “what’s wrong with being sexy?”

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Hot Glam! 10 Glammiest Glam Frontmen of 80s Hair Metal

Glam metal, also known as hair metal, hit its pitch during the early 80s. Basically heavy metal, without so much of the heavy, glam metal hosts a whole load of pop-influenced guitar riffs and killer hooks. Associated with over the top makeup, backcombed hair, and ostentatious clothing, the glam guys of the 80s were certainly one of a kind. To celebrate glam metal in all its glory, here are the Top 10 Glam Guys of 80s Metal.

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10 Best Power Ballads of the 90s

They say hard rock is all about the music (and the hair of course) but what do these musicians do when they fall in love? Write love ballads of course! That’s right, usually known for banging their heads and thrashing their guitars, hard rock musicians can also be quite mushy, especially when it comes to having their heart broken.

Grab some tissues and turn up the music, here are the best power ballads of the 90s.

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5 Most Romantic Metal and Hard Rock Love Songs

Hard rock and metal isn’t just for those who love banging their heads back and forth. Nope, love is also a common theme within the genre. That’s right! From heartbreaks to falling in love, even metal heads have had their fair share of all things love and beyond. So, to celebrate the romance in hardcore heavy music, here are the most romantic metal and hard rock love songs, ever!
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