Toronto Rocks: 7 Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hair Bands from Toronto

The capital of Canadian province Ontario, Toronto is the largest city in the whole of Canada. Famed for its art, culture and extraordinary music scene, the hustle and bustle that lies within its cities walls attracts thousands of people every day.

Mostly known for acts and bands such as Drake, Arcade Fire, and mmm Nickelback… Toronto also houses a killer metal scene. That’s right, with Canadian metal usually associated with capital city, Quebec, Toronto is in fact just as prominent despite the lack of recognition.

So, to celebrate all things Torontonian, and great music of course, here are the top 7 hard rock, metal, and hair bands from Toronto!

7. Thantifaxath

The Daft Punk of black metal, Thantifaxath, consists of three anonymous members and a whole load of noise. The band released their debut album in 2011 and have hardly stopped since, making sure to keep their anonymity despite numerous tours. That’s right, donned in hooded clocks, the band are said to keep themselves anonymous as a symbolic reference to modern Toronto metal’s lack of ego.

6. Cancer Bats

Probably holding one of the best names in music, Cancer Bats are also one of the best live metal acts today. Seemingly able to mash and mix through genres head first, the band don’t really seem to fit into any kind of group. In fact, some even suggest Cancer Bats to be a hardcore punk band, but whatever they are we don’t care just as long as they keep thrashing out their guitars and wailing vocals.

5. Anvil

Old school metal band, Anvil, are to Canadians what Guns N Roses are to Americans, whatever that means. With a whopping sixteen albums, Anvil have influenced the likes of Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica, and have even had their own documentary made about them. Often described as a pioneering hair metal band, Anvil are still going strong with a seventeenth album on the way. Compared to the likes of fictional metal heads Spinal Tap, Anvil will be around forever. We hope.

4. Rammer

Only the hardcore fans will know this one. With the metal scene hardly the best around the mid-nineties, Rammer was one of a few groups who really understood the direction in which metal was taking. Mainly a thrash metal band, the band were mostly known for their manic live performances. Sadly, with just one full-length release under their belt, the world will know what could have been. Go listen to them, now!

3. Woods of Ypres

Founded in 2002, Woods of Ypres were an extreme doom metal band who initially consisted of three members. In just a few years the band’s line-up frequently changed, with a whopping 20 members filtering in and out of the band’s makeup. However, frontman, David Gold, remained from the very beginning and was the definite driving force of what the band would become. Sadly, in 2011, Gold died in a car accident just before Christmas. The loss was a devastating blow to the band and to the mountain of fans that they had created.

2. Mare

A blink and you’ll miss kind of band, Mare were only on the scene for a short amount of time yet still managed to make a point. That’s right, only recording one five-song EP during their short stint, Mare somewhat managed to turn heads with their dark and experimental jazz sludge metal. Then, as quick as they had blasted their way into our lives, they disappeared citing, “a lack of motivation to write and record more material”. Crazy but genius.

1. Blood Ceremony

Formed in 2006 Torontonians Blood Ceremony are often cited as “Toronto’s most original band”. Connected with genres such as doom metal and psychedelic folk, the band also use black magic imagery and horror movie references throughout their lyrics and live performances. In fact, the band have such a distinct sound that they even have their own flute player. Yep, an instrument not often associated with doom metal, Blood Ceremony seemingly manage to make it work and boy do they do it well.

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