10 Greatest Hard Rock and Hair Band Drum Songs

Everybody has their own opinion on who the best drummer ever was or even still is, but what about the best drumming songs? Underrated to say the least, drummers get little acknowledgement, especially when it comes to Rock n’ Roll. To celebrate the person between the sticks, here are the 10 greatest hard rock and hair band drum songs ever.

10. Van Halen – Hot for Teacher

Yeah, yeah. Everybody loves Eddie, but what about his brother? Probably one of the most underrated drummers of all time, Alex Van Halen certainly smashes it out of the park with this track, showing off his collection of sticks and tricks at their very best.

9. Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody

With so much going on in this song it’s hard to identify certain musical qualities, especially with Freddie killing it on vocals. However, listen closely and you’ll hear one of the most understated drumming beats in rock history.

8. Metallica – Enter Sandman

Lars Ulrich’s drumming style is as unique as the rest of the musicians who make up Metallica. Famed for his in-synch beats with rhythm guitarist James Hetfield, the two are at their best on Enter Sandman. Enjoy.

7. Joan Jett – I Love Rock and Roll

Lee Crystal’s drum beat is probably one of the most familiar drum tracks in history. In fact, as soon as you hear the drums you know it’s about to go down, and that it does.

6. Black Sabbath – Iron Man

When hearing the guitar riff for the very first time, lead singer Ozzy Osbourne claimed that it sounded like “a big iron bloke walking about”. Enter drummer Bill Ward, and the rest is history.

5. Guns N’ Roses – Live and Let Die

Already a banger when legend Paul McCartney created it, Guns N’ Roses decided to take it up a notch by adding even more noise. Now regarded as one of the best covers of all time, if not the very best, “Live and Let Die” certainly lives up to its reputation.

4. Iron Maiden – Run to the Hills

One of Iron Maiden’s most popular tracks, “Run to the Hills” is also one of the most difficult to replicate. Famed for its fast drumming and quick hands, the drum beat is also known for its impressive range and technical stance.

3. AC/DC – Back in Black

Mostly famous for its recognizable riff, “Back in Black” also has one of the most detectable drum beats in music. Great for those who want to take up drumming, “Back in Black” is a blast from start to end.

2. Led Zeppelin – Moby Dick

Often lauded as the best drummer of all time, John Bonham certainly doesn’t disappoint on this track. In fact, Bonham could probably fill this entire list with his spectacular and creative drumming skills.

1. Cream – Sunshine of your Love

Usually all about the notable bass riff, “Sunshine of your Love” also has some killer beats with drummer Ginger Baker creating one of the most memorable tom-tom drum rhythms of all time.

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