5 Reigning Folk Metal Bands

Folk metal is basically a fusion of heavy metal and traditional folk music. This genre of music has its origins in Europe and became quite prominent in the 90s. In most cases this type of music features a lot of folk instruments and some traditional singing styles. Some of the most commonly used instruments include the saxophone, guitar, violin, kettle drum, harmonica and accordion. Here is a list of some of the most popular folk metal bands in the world.

5. Alestorm

This folk metal band has its origins in Perth, Scotland and was formed in the year 2004. Its music revolves around pirate themes which is why most critics and fans consider it a pirate metal band. The band members include Christopher Bowes who is the lead singer, Gareth Murdock the bassist, Peter Alcon the drumist, Eliot Vernon who plays the keyboard and Mate Bordo who is the lead guitarist. Some of the band’s top albums include Captain Morgan’s Revenge, Black Sails at Midnight and Back Through Time. The band continues to intrigue fans across the globe with their unique song style today.

4. Turisas

This band was birthed in Hameenlinna which is a city in Finland. The band was founded by Mathias Nygard in the year 1997. It is quite popular for its blend of power and symphonic metal sounds. It also incorporates harsh sounds to give it extra spice. Current members of the band include Mathias Nygard who is also the lead vocalist, Jussi Wickstrom who plays the lead guitar and backing vocals, Olli Vanska who plays the violin and Jaakko Jakku who plays the drums. The band has released over four albums since formation with some of the most popular being Battle Metal, The Varangian Way and Stand Up and Fight.

3. Equilibrium

This band was formed in Germany in the year 2001. It is known for combining folk metal, black metal, symphonic metal and a number of other music types. The band mostly forms lyrics that tell stories regarding Germanic myths and stories. Its current members include Robert Dahn who is the vocalists, Rene Berthiaume who plays the lead and rhythm guitar, Tuval Refaeli and Dom R. Crey. With five studio albums already hitting the markets this band remains one of the most influential when it comes to folk metal music today.

2. Wintersun

This band was formed in Helsinki, Finland in the year 2003. The band’s current members include Jari Maenpaa who is the lead vocalist but also plays the guitar and keyboard, drummist Kai Hahto, Teemu Mantysaari who plays the guitar and backing vocals and Jukka Koskinen who plays the bass guitar. This band’s three studio albums include Wintersun, Time I and The Forest Seasons.

1. Eluveitie

This band was created in Zurich, Switzerland in the year 2002. While the band has seen quite a change in its line up it still remains one of the most popular when it comes to folk metal sounds. Some of its current members include Chrigel Glanzmann, Michalina Malisz, Nicole Ansperger, Matteo Sisti and Kay Brem. Some of its most popular studio albums include Helvetios, Slania and Origins.

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