Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns, Sunbomb, Brides of Destruction) Interview

Portions of the interview aired on Hard, Heavy & Hair Show number 304 along with Tracii Guns’s music and tons of other great Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hair Band music and information. Listen to the podcast version of that show and read the show notes here.

Video Interview: Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns, Sunbomb, Brides of Destruction)

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Podcast Audio Interview: Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns, Sunbomb, Brides of Destruction)

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Tracii Guns, who gave his name to his band L.A. Guns, and, earlier, Guns & Roses before Slash joined as lead guitarist, rose to the top of the Sunset Strip music scene in its early-80s heyday and has never slowed down since. If you’ve ever seen Tracii play a guitar solo, it’s difficult to recognize where the instrument ends and the man begins. The intensity with which Tracii Guns plays guitar, the way he melts out of our dimension and into a world of sound, is awe inspiring. He writes and records with nearly the same intensity and speed that he plays guitar.

After 10 studio albums with L.A. Guns, two with Brides of Destruction, a supergroup he cofounded with Nikki Sixx, and 8 other records, Tracii is a tireless guitar player and songwriter. And now, he’s got a brand new collaboration with Michael Sweet of Stryper, a completely new sound, in the very Heavy Metal, often Doom Metal-influenced, debut record of the project called Sunbomb.

Pariah Burke recently spoke with Tracii Guns about:

  • His unadulterated feelings about settling the lawsuit for the L.A. Guns name against former bandmates Steve Riley and Kelly Nickels who were also performing and recording as L.A. Guns
  • Whether singer Phil Lewis owns part of L.A. Guns
  • The “laziest guy in the world”
  • Who is “too old to play the new stuff”
  • Why Kelly Nickels was really hired
  • Why Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue is a good musician
  • Why Sunbomb is “the sh*t”
  • Working with Stryper’s Michael Sweet
  • The 2 new L.A. Guns albums on the way
  • Turning the mess of the Veep Cocked & Loaded concert into something positive
  • Social Disorder
  • More!

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