Video Interview: Silo Brian (guitar) and Matt (vocals)

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Podcast Audio Interview: Silo Brian (guitar) and Matt (vocals)

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Silo, the Hardcore Country / Country Metal band of bandits hung out on Zoom unmasked(!) with Pariah Burke two days before their debut album released. Guitarist and founder Brian (who mysteriously wouldn’t reveal his last name), and singer and lyricist Matt Launder talked with the host of the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show about:

  • What is Hardcore Country?
  • Heavy Metal riffs, Thrash drums, a banjo, and rodeo lyrics
  • Country music, motherfucker! Do you sing it?
  • How Craigslist and a Samuel L. Jackson meme got them together
  • Stripper poles and hay bales
  • Singing upside down
  • A hat that won’t fall off
  • Discussing Silo songs “War Paint,” “Glitter & Gold,” “8 Seconds,” and deep into “Pistol Whipped”
  • ‘Rock Is Dead’ says the guy who turned Kiss into a Disco band
  • Gene Simmons is becoming irrelevant
  • Rock is going through a rebirth like a phoenix
  • Silo is Avenged Sevenfold meets Brantley Gilbert, Bad Wolves meets Luke Bryan, Slipknot meets Johnny Cash
  • And much, much more!

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