Mike Langford (Tense Machine, Deadset Society, Dear Bands Live)

Video Interview: Mike Langford (Tense Machine, Deadset Society, Dear Bands Live)

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Podcast Audio Interview: Mike Langford (Tense Machine, Deadset Society, Dear Bands Live)

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Mike Langford, record producer, artist consultant, and drummer for both Tense Machine and Deadset Society talks with Pariah Burke on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show before the exclusive world-wide premiere of new Tense Machine single “Pieces” on Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Recently host Pariah Burke was talking with Mike Langford on Facebook about how Spotify is actually good for musicians. They decided to take the conversation to Zoom where Pariah asked Mike about that; strategies for success in the music business in today’s digital-first, streaming world; and whatever happened to Deadset Society. The 37-year-old music producer and veteran musician was incredibly candid, not only about his business advice to bands, but also about deeply personal issues like his Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis.

Links and music mentioned in the interview available here https://rockn.me/hhh293 . Excerpts from this interview, as well as Tense Machine and Deadset Society music, was played on Hard, Heavy & Hair Show no. 293 at https://rockn.me/hhh293


  • The business of music is not sexy (but it’s important)
  • The irony of anger against Spotify and Apple Music
  • It’s about exposure
  • $100 X 1,000 core fans = a future
  • Fans help you build your business team
  • 1,000 supporting fans is more important than having the best music
  • Is getting paid for my art is compromising my art?
  • How to not get screwed out of your money
  • The music is the product; get the product to people
  • Rejection doesn’t feel good
  • When the audience doesn’t clap… at all
  • “I will happily have people say ‘no’ to find that 1 person who thinks this is awesome.”
  • Knocking on doors with MySpace
  • Hoping for success versus marketing for success
  • Impromptu product placement for La Croix
  • Discoverability and searchability
  • Connect with fans–and stick with it
  • “Dane [Hartsell], be good. Be good.”
  • Explore new ways to interact with fans
  • Share your personality with fans
  • Check your online mix when playing live online–no matter how good you sound in the room mix
  • Mistakes are the lessons you don’t forget
  • Cats, interviews, and lipsyncing myself
  • YouTube and teaching music not allowed on YouTube
  • Mike teaching audio production… with his mic turned off
  • The importance of quality audio and voice in podcasts and video
  • Where do you teach?
  • For audio production: HeyLangford.com
  • Dear Bands Live videocast

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