10 Best Metal and Rap Fusion Songs

Sometimes the best music comes from the bringing together of two unlikely genres and creating a sound that you could only dream of. Doing just that, metal and rap surprisingly go well together and fuse in a way that has never been heard nor seen before. That’s right, the craziest combination since… well forever… here are the 10 best metal and rap fusion songs in the world.

10. Limp Bizkit & Lil Wayne – “Ready to Go”

Limp Bizkit were described as “nu metal” which fused several different genres while sticking the original roots of metal music. “Ready to Go” features rapper Lil Wayne who raps a few verses two minutes into the song. The song was received well with Limp Bizkit fans in particular citing it as a return to form.

9. Anthrax & Public Enemy – “Bring the Noise”

“Bring the Noise” was already a Public Enemy smash before Anthrax got their hands on it. Initially Chuck D (of Public Enemy fame) stated that he, “didn’t take them (Anthrax) wholehearted seriously” but that as soon as he heard the thrash metal beats, “it made too much sense.” Yes, it did Chuck, yes it did.

8. The Maccabees & Roots Manuva – “Empty Vessels”

For some reason the Brits really know how to do music, with this example certainly no exception. Roots Manuva are one of the leading artists in British rap music with The Maccabees king of the Indie metal music scene. Bring them together and what do you get? This absolute smash hit that’s what.

7. System of a Down & Wu-Tang Clan – “Shame”

When the album Loud Rocks, an album of collaborations between metal and hip hop, dropped in 2000 nobody knew what to expect. Thankfully it was amazing, which was mostly due to the screamer, “Shame” which sees the unlikely pairing of System of a Down and Wu-Tang Clan.

6. The Streets & Muse – “Who Knows Who”

Alternative rock band, Muse, are known for their heavy guitar riffs and modern metal vibes, rap group, The Streets, are known for their original style of rap and intense lyrics. Put them together and what do you get? One of the most innovative songs to have ever hit the alternative music scene.

5. Limp Bizkit & Method Man – “N 2 Gether Now”

It is no surprise to see Limp Bizkit make the list twice, especially with their style of music known for its unique and inventive style. Here they can be seen fusing together the wonders of hip hop and metal and producing a sound that is innovative in its own right. Banging.

4. Korn & Ice Cube – “Children of the Korn”

Korn are regarded as the pioneers of nu metal, providing fans with an alternative style of music. “Children of the Korn” perfectly shows just how alternative they can be, with rapper Ice Cube featuring on vocals and turning the whole genre upside down.

3. Aerosmith & Run DMC – “Walk This Way”

“Walk This Way” is probably the most famous fusion on the list, and brought the bringing together of hard rock and hip hop to the mainstream. In fact, the song was the first hip hop song to break the top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 and is still considered to be one of the greats to this day.

2. Jay-Z & Linkin Park – “Numb/Encore”

In 2004, Jay-Z and Linkin Park released the album Collision Course, which demonstrated just how awesome music could be. Yep, despite both artists coming from extremely different musical backgrounds, what was produced was an outstanding musical achievement, with Numb/Encore the highlight of the EP.

1. Rage Against the Machine & Cypress Hill – “How I Could Just Kill A Man”

“How I Could Just Kill A Man” was Cypress Hill’s first major hit and has been featured on a number of movies, TV shows and computer games. The song was later covered by Rage Against the Machine who turned the song into an even more aggressive and thrashier version of itself.

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