Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, Last in Line, Resurrection Kings) Interview

Portions of the interview aired on Hard, Heavy & Hair Show number 313 along with Vinny Appice’s music and tons of other great Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, and Hair Band music and information. Listen to the podcast version of that show and read the show notes here.

Video Interview: Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, Last in Line, Resurrection Kings)

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Podcast Audio Interview: Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath, Dio, Last in Line, Resurrection Kings)

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Vinny Appice is one of the biggest Metal drummers and songwriters in the world, and is in the Hall of Heavy Metal History for his contributions to Heavy Metal drumming.

As a teenager he played on a John Lennon album, and drummed for Lennon during the former Beatle’s final live performance. Vinny replaced Bill Ward as Black Sabbath’s drummer during the Dio years, and then joined Ronnie James Dio in founding and defining the sound of the band Dio. Vinny co-wrote all your favorite Dio songs, which he still performs, along with new songs, with a mostly reunited Dio under the name Last in Line. Vinny is part of Joel Hoekstra’s 13 and the supergroup Resurrection Kings, whose latest album I was ready to ask him all about, but Vinny’s surprising response to my first question about the record made me change tact. Listen for yourself in the Hard, Heavy & Hair interview with Vinny Appice.

We talk about:

  • The new Resurrection Kings LP Skygazer and what Vinny doesn’t like about it.
  • Find out who Vinny is talking about when he says, “either they’re deaf or they don’t know how to mix”.
  • Drumming on the latest Joel Hoekstra’s 13 album, Running Games.
  • Playing a perfect set with people he met only 2 hours before.
  • The upcoming third Last in Line album.
  • The Last in Line writing process.
  • Vinny’s advice to younger musicians.
  • That time Jimmy Bain got into the wrong tour van.
  • When the smoke machine exploded behind him during a Black Sabbath concert.
  • Where you can catch Vinny this summer for an autograph and drum clinics.

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