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Podcast Audio Interview: Rough Cutt (Full Band)

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My interview with the brand new Rough Cutt lineup: Rockin’ Dave Alford, Chris “The Count” Hager, Darren Housholder, Jeff Buehner, and Steven St. James before and after their first ever live show played together as a band, Black Friday in Portland, Oregon, November 29th, 2019.

The new Rough Cutt brought the house down, sounding tight, polished, and as if they’d been playing the same songs together as long as Rockin’ Dave and Chris Hager have. Before and after the show, I had a chance to sit down with all the members except Steve St. James and talk about the band, their future, whether there will be new music from Rough Cutt, and some of the stories from their long careers.

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Photo: Joe Schaeffer Photography

Start (mm:ss) – Name

00:40.000 – INTERVIEW: Dave Alford & Chris Hager

00:48.607 – Playing Portland

00:58.798 – New Lineup

01:42.990 – New Vocalist

02:24.115 – Founding Member of Ratt (Chris Hager)

02:50.989 – Testing the Waters

03:18.786 – New Songs

05:50.511 – Rough Cutt on Monsters of Rock Cruise?

06:30.768 – In Demand All Over

07:52.222 – A New Generation of Fans

08:40.455 – Grateful for Fans

09:10.674 – Rough Riot

10:46.379 – Darren Housholder

10:46.379 – INTERVIEW: Darren Housholder

10:48.423 – Joining Love/Hate

11:18.370 – Auditioning for Enuff Z’Nuff

11:44.925 – Love/Hate Criteria: Wear the Guitar Low

12:30.120 – Enough with Enuff Z’Nuff

13:21.045 – Stung by W.A.S.P.

17:04.860 – INTERVIEW: Dave Alford, Chris Hager, Darren Housholder, Jeff Buehner

17:04.913 – Pariah is Joined by Co-Host Alessia Gotardi

17:19.658 – Rough Cutt’s Chris, Dave, Darren, and Jeff

17:31.642 – A Fight with the Merch Table

17:49.744 – Rock N’ Roll Fighting

18:15.526 – Dave Recalls Mick Mars Joining Motley Crue

18:47.037 – Sunset Strip Friends

19:26.962 – Building the New Rough Cutt

20:52.934 – Unleashing the New Rough Cutt

21:22.006 – Choosing Portland for the Debut

21:41.406 – Praise from Tracii Guns

22:00.829 – 3 Guys De-Virginized on Stage

22:23.941 – Playing a Tight Stage

23:23.732 – The Chemistry Shows

24:08.536 – Transcending the Old Lineup

24:29.327 – Coalescing Into a Tight, Cohesive Band

25:41.068 – The Rough Cutt Signature Writing Style

27:20.897 – We Don’t Gallop

27:40.664 – Ronnie James Dio

28:36.887 – Magical Melding of Guitar Styles

29:13.055 – Rough Cuts from Rough Cutt

29:25.239 – Origin of the Band Name

30:18.201 – Ronnie James Dio Would Approve of (and Steal) Darren and Jeff

31:52.576 – How Was Your First Time on Stage with Rough Cutt

33:02.992 – How Did You Feel Stepping On Stage

33:59.574 – Did You Feel Connected to the Group

34:35.003 – Couldn’t Tell He Was New to the Group

35:27.421 – Boys Having Fun Playing Music

38:03.776 – You Wanna Be A Star – First Time in 30 Years

39:27.944 – Breaking Rough Cutt

40:13.244 – Good, Happy Metal

40:36.340 – 80s Metal, Having a Good Time

41:18.696 – Patrick Young from Black N’ Blue Drops By

41:45.816 – Thank You

42:03.041 – Jeff Beaner

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