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Reality Suite is a four-piece New Jersey Hard Rock band making waves far beyond the Garden State. Although they have yet to tour outside the Northeastern United States, they have fans all over the world. Their last two albums–a concert LP Live at Alpha Wave Studios and the deluxe edition re-issue of 2018’s Awaken EP–have spun their way across the globe, inspiring, and being inspired by, music fans everywhere.

Reality Suite’s songs–and especially their music videos–are powerful messages wrapped in driving beats, blistering guitar solos, and catchy lyrics. Play any of their songs and you’ll find yourself rocking out and singing along long before you realize the lyrics are about YOU and people you care about. It’s introspective, soul-minded lyrics woven into Hard Rock delivered by Kimmii Heart‘s smooth as top-shelf bourbon voice; the crunchy goodness, undulating riffs, and hypnotic solos of Joe Padula‘s guitar; Antonio Valenti‘s gorilla chest-pounding basslines; and, driving the others’ passion up notch after notch while taking control of listener’s feet and raised fists, is Brian King‘s drums.

I’ve been playing their music on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show for years, and I thought it was about time I sat down and talked with this dynamic quartet. In between a lot of laughing, we chatted about Reality Suite’s latest album, the heart wrenching story behind one of their best songs, where their inspirations come from, duking it out over who got to write “Kiss the Ring,” Kimmii’s sexy all-strap-and-buckle stage pants, and more.

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