Banshee – Terry Dunn (guitar, founder) & George Call (vocals)

Video Interview: Banshee – Terry Dunn (guitar, founder) & George Call (vocals)

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Podcast Audio Interview: Banshee – Terry Dunn (guitar, founder) & George Call (vocals)

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Banshee’s Terry Dunn (guitarist, founder) and George Call (lead singer) talk with Pariah Burke, host of the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show on Feb 4, 2021 about:

  • Recording now versus the 80s
  • The different dynamic of recording an album across country
  • The (lack of) camaraderie among the original lineup
  • The happy, healthy partnership of Terry and George
  • The Mindslave album
  • The 2019 LP the Madness
  • Why the Madness is so hard to find
  • What they didn’t like about their last album
  • A possible The Madness Deluxe Edition
  • The new album in the works
  • Depression and mental health
  • Reaching out to fans through their music
  • Road stories
  • George gets Terry with a tour prank
  • The guys’ favorite Banshee songs to play
  • Terry Dunn plays classical guitar for us
  • We even get a sample of the music from the new album–the first time George has heard it, too!
  • What would happen if there were TWO Banshees, like there are two L.A. Guns
  • Does Banshee need former singer and co-writer Tommy Lee Flood?
  • What happened at Rocklahoma?
  • Terry’s and George’s musical tastes (beyond Metal)
  • George’s favorite movie soundtrack (Terry and Pariah guessed wrong)
  • Who would be in your super group?

Links and music mentioned in the interview available here . Excerpts from this interview, as well as Banshee music, was played on Hard, Heavy & Hair Show no. 291 at

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