Brandon Cook (The Loyal Order, Black N’ Blue, & Metalmorphosis)

Video Interview: Brandon Cook (The Loyal Order, Black N’ Blue, & Metalmorphosis)

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Podcast Audio Interview: Brandon Cook (The Loyal Order, Black N’ Blue, & Metalmorphosis)

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Brandon Cook of the bands Black N’ Blue and the Loyal Order about his bands, playing with Metallica, Megadeth’s Marty Friedman, Kiss, toxic masculinity, and much more.

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Photo: Dean Walker

Pariah Burke, Host of the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show ( ) interviews Brandon Cook of the bands Black N’ Blue and the Loyal Order.

Excerpts from this interview, along with much more music, appear on the Hard, Heavy & Hair Show no. 226, which aired on FM, AM, and Internet radio stations on 5 continents the week of November 10-17 2019. That show is available for on-demand streaming at

00:01:35 – The Start of The Loyal Order
00:03:43 – Genesis of “Off the Grid Superhuman” and the end of the world
00:04:45 – Dante’s and American Bastard
00:06:15 – Songwriting inspirations.
00:08:54 – Evolution of “Half Life”
00:11:37 – The Slayer influence on “Half Life”
00:12:38 – Half Life guitar solo
00:14:38 – About “Fuck or Fight”
00:15:23 – Toxic relationships, healthy boundaries, and being a healthy romantic partner. How songwriting can be cathartic.
00:21:11 – Creative people and painful relationships. Brandon being vulnerable and candid about his healing.
00:28:55 – John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Paul and Linda McCartney. Fleetwood Mac’s disfunction.
00:32:14 – Healing and growing as a man has helped him grow as a musician and be more open to creating with other musicians.
00:32:42 – Metallica’s dysfunction and becoming a functional band.
00:34:41 – Invasive Species
00:34:46 – A troubled childhood leads to adult anxieties.
00:36:07 – EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing
00:36:49 – On meeting rock star heroes and peers.
00:38:22 – Paul Lamb and the Invasive Species Progressive Metal project
00:39:45 – A concept album reminiscent of Pink Floyd’s The Wall.
00:48:09 – Invasive Species has moments like King Crimson and Voivod
00:48:59 – Getting raw like the spark of an idea exploding out of you, like Punk Rock playing in a Progressive Rock project.
00:59:15 – Toxic masculinity, expectations, empowered women, and Rock N’ Roll.
01:02:37 – 80s and 90s power ballads, male vulnerability
01:07:36 – Sharon Osbourne
01:08:15 – Loyal Order album release date
01:10:17 – The first Loyal Order order live show opening for Puddle of Mudd
01:11:02 – Records, albums, singles, cover songs and originals, AOR, and going old school with the Loyal Order, like the Beatles
01:13:19 – Patrick Young, bassist for Black N Blue
01:14:27 – Being a fan of your own band
01:15:55 – Build your Heavy Metal super group
01:21:33 – Playing with the great drummers
01:25:09 – Megadeth’s Marty Friedman bowed down to you
01:27:13 – What’s the click track?
01:31:39 – MegaCruise and playing with Todd LaTorre (Queensryche), Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth), David Ellefson (Megadeth), and Tom Hazart. and Kyle Baltes.
01:35:29 – I don’t want to just get through… I want to get on the cutting edge of everything.
01:36:53 – Playing with Metallica and learning to play at a world-class level
01:38:18 – Becoming a father and being a professional guitarist
01:39:30 – Harmonizing to Kirk Hammett’s “One” solo and Charlie Parker
01:41:55 – Playing “Black Night” by Deep Purple with Metallica; Ian Pace’s influence on Lars Ulrich
01:43:09 – When you’re starting a career in music
01:43:52 – Matt Starr and always be learning
01:45:32 – Marty Friedman and Britney Spears, choosing Madonna or Megadeth
01:52:22 – Kirk Hammett and the harmonic dive that no one can play
01:53:12 – Making art from mistakes
01:54:04 – Playing, parenting, gigging, and growing
01:57:46 – George Lynch and Dave Grohl
01:58:30 – Appetite for Deception and sweating the details
02:02:15 – What a band needs for success
02:04:04 – Glam to leather; Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses, Stryper; Skid Row’s evolution
02:05:48 – Skid Row and Sebastian Bach, like your dad wanting anal
02:07:07 – Getting creative to get the sound you want
02:08:13 – Persistence creates progress; Marty Friedman, Chris Caffery, Jeff Plate, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Alex Skolnik, Al Pitrelli
02:10:48 – Upcoming shows
02:11:32 – Jukebox Heroes, as good as Foreigner
02:13:55 – Learn guitar and how to advance your career from a bonafide Rock star (with 10% discount!)
02:17:02 – How to be a member of a band
02:18:09 – Playing like Tommy Thayer
02:19:00 – KISS and Paul Stanley’s voice
02:19:30 – Technical difficulty
02:20:20 – Ace Frehley

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