5 Most Romantic Metal and Hard Rock Love Songs

Hard rock and metal isn’t just for those who love banging their heads back and forth. Nope, love is also a common theme within the genre. That’s right! From heartbreaks to falling in love, even metal heads have had their fair share of all things love and beyond. So, to celebrate the romance in hardcore heavy music, here are the most romantic metal and hard rock love songs, ever!

5: Nothing Else Matters – Metallica

Released in 1992, “Nothing Else Matters” marked a dramatic change for the famed rock gods. Now, recognized as one of their most famous compositions, the song has also become somewhat of a must have in their live performances. According to lead vocalist James Hetfield, the song was originally about an ex-girlfriend, however on reflection Hetfield jokingly claims he can’t remember why he wrote it.
Now, declaring that the song is a dedication to the fans, because “nothing else matters apart from their fans, the song has been covered countless times and even appeared on music game, Guitar Hero!
Best Lyric: “Forever trust in who we are. And nothing else matters.”

4: Still Loving You – The Scorpions

Popular all over the world upon its release, (the song was even rumoured to have created a baby boom in France…) The Scorpions “Still loving you” remains one of their most favoured songs. Said to be an ode to a failing relationship, the song is extremely touching, melting the hardest of hearts. That’s right, able to break those who think they can never be broken, “Still loving you” is as heart wrenching as heart wrenching can be.
Best Lyric: “Your pride has built a love so strong that I can’t get through. Is there really no chance to start once again?”

3: This Love – Pantera

I mean we all love a bit of Pantera right? Released on the bands breakout album, Vulgar Display of Power, “This love” goes from smooth warm vibes to violent guitar licks in seconds. When asked about the meaning of the song, lead vocalist Phil Anselmo claimed it was a message to all the “clingy women” and his relationships at the time, stating, “I was a very young man when I wrote that song, as well. I was young, and thought, “Let’s not make more of this relationship than need be.” Charming.
Best Lyric: “And sometimes I feel so sorry. I regret this the hurting of you. But you make me so unhappy. I’d take my life and leave love with you.”

2: Ozzy Osbourne – Mamma, I’m Coming Home”

What’s a metal list with Ozzy Osbourne, right? Named after his wife, who he affectionally named “mamma”, the song is a moving tribute to love and devotion. However, often said to have come from the hands of the Prince of Darkness himself (even Sharon thinks he wrote it), it was co-written by rock god, Lemmy, engineer Tom Fletcher and Ozzy’s long-term guitarist, Zakk Wylde. The song was so well received that it became Osbourne’s only solo Top 40 hit, peaking at number 28 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Best Lyric: “I’ve seen your face a hundred times. Everyday we’ve been apart.”

1: Sweet Child of Mine – Guns and Roses

Hear me out. Yes, it may be obvious, but “Sweet Child of Mine” helped introduce the metal genre to several suspicious haters. Written during a jam session at the band’s house in Sunset Strip, vocalist Axl Rose adapted the lyrics from a poem he had written for his then girlfriend and now ex-wife Erin Everly.
However, it is the guitar work that really makes it worthy of the top spot, with guitarist Slash creating one of the best and well-known riffs in the entire world. Where do we go now?
Best Lyric: “Now and then when I see her face. She takes me away to that special place.”

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