The Top 10 Hard Rock and Metal Artists from Detroit

Detroit, Michigan is a major location when it comes to music creation and performance. The city is also home to some of the most iconic hard rock and metal artists. Some of which you probably know while others may be unknown to you. Read on to find out if your favorite heavy metal artist comes from Detroit.

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10 . Derek Grant

Derek Richard Grant was born on 24th of April 1977 and is famous for being the third drummer of the famous band Alkaline Trio. Not only is he a talented drummer, he is also a talented vocalist and guitarist. He features in albums such as Good Mourning, Remains and Crimson.

9. Bob Seger

Robert Clark Seger was born on the 6th day of May 1945. His first solo album called Ramblin Gamblin Man was a hit in the 60s. He was inducted into the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.

He was also named Billboard’s 2015 Legend of Live honoree at the 12th annual Billboard Touring Conference & Awards. Some of his greatest hits include Like a Rock, Shame on The Moon and Mainstreet.

8. Suzi Quatro

Susan Kay Quatra is among the most famous hard rock singers from Detroit. Born on the 3rd day of June 1950 she has grown to become a favorite artist for many hard rock lovers around the globe. Some of her most popular hits include Glycerine Queen, If You Can’t Give Me Love and Rock Hard.

7. Jim McCarty

James William McCarty was born on 1st June 1945 in Detroit city. He is best known as a guitarist with bands such as The Rockets, Cactus and The Detroit Wheels. Some of the songs he helped create include Train, Desire, and Rollin and Tumblin.

6. Ray Monette

Born in 1946, Ray Monette started his musical career as a session artist with Motown. Later he founded a band by the name Abstract Reality. He also co-founded the band Scorpion. His guitar prowess earned him respect in the world of music and has seen him feature in awesome hits such as I Just Want to Celebrate and Evolution.

5. Wayne Kramer

Born on the 30th day of April 1948, Wayne Kramer is another talented metal artist from Detroit. He was a co-founder of the famous Detroit group MC5 and is known for playing the guitar and even singing. An interesting fact about Kramer is that he was ranked 92 on the Rolling Stone’s list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of all Time.

4. Rob Tyner

Robert W. Derminer was born on the 12th day of December 1944. He was famous as the lead singer of the beloved Detroit band MC5. An interesting thing about him is that he actually joined the band with the intention of being a bassist.

But after a while the other band members all agreed that he was best suited to be the band’s lead singer. Some of the songs that made him famous include Kick Out the Jams, Taboo and Tonight.

3. Ted Nugent

Born on the 14th day of December, 1948, Ted Anthony Nugent is another famous heavy metal artist that has his roots in Detroit. He first rose to fame as the lead guitarist of The Amboy Dukes band.

His live shows are often characterized by bluesy and frenzied guitar playing and high energy performances that keep the audience engaged at all times. Some of his most popular hit songs include Stranglehold, Cat Scratch Fever and Free for All.

2. Mark Tremonti

Believe it or not, Mark Thomas Tremonti who is famously known as the lead guitarist of the famous bands Creed and Alter Bridge has his roots in Detroit city. He was born on the 18th of April 1974 and has won accolades including a Grammy Award for Creed’s hit single With Arms Wide Open.

He also founded his own heavy metal band in 2011 and named it Tremonti. The band’s first ever album named All I Was was released in 2012 and has released two more albums since. Some of Tremonti’s most popular songs include Dust, You Waste Your Time and A Dying Machine.

1. Alice Cooper

Alice Cooper was born on February 4, 1948 in the city of Detroit and was originally named Vincent Damon Furnier. Not only has Alice Cooper been giving fans a memorable experience with his raspy voice singing, but he is also among the most successful songwriters from the city. Additionally, he has featured in various movies, adverts and song videos as an actor.

His live performances are often characterized by breathtaking props that can include anything from fake guillotines, electric chairs, fake blood, reptiles, baby dolls, duelling swords and pyrotechnics. If you are into live performances, lets just say you can never go wrong with shows that feature Alice Cooper.

An interesting thing about Alice Cooper is that every four years since he released the hit song ‘Elected’, he has satirically run for president. Other songs he is famous for include Poison, School’s Out, Feed My Frankenstein and Hey Stoopid.

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