Northern Axes: 5 Canadian Heavy Metal Bands to Know

Heavy metal music not only inspires but also entertains individuals from across the world. This genre of music has seen a steady rise in creative bands and fans. Canada is particularly becoming one of the regions that are upping their game when it comes to heavy metal. Here is a look at 5 most loved bands from Canada.

5. Annihilator

This is sometimes referred to as the most influential of the bands that have their origins in Canada. The band has produced over 15 albums and has sold out millions of records which is why it is largely held in high esteem. It has seen various changes in its membership line up but has never lost its golden touch when it comes to producing classic heavy metal sounds and thrashy power metal overtones. Some of this band’s top tracks include Alison Hell, King of the Kill, No Way Out and Set the World on Fire.

4. Razor

This band was formed in 1984 and grew to become a popular entertainer to the masses both locally and internationally. Dave Carlo was the brain behind the formation of this band and has been present throughout the life of the band. Other members joined and left for one reason or another. Some of the top tracks from this band include Killer Instinct, Custom Killing, Evil Invaders and Cross Me Fool.

3. Exciter

This is considered among heavy metal pioneer bands in Canada. Established in the early 80s when the thrash metal craze was sweeping the world the band became popular locally and internationally. The initial band members included vocalist Dan Beehler who also played the drums, guitarist John Ricci and bass player Allan Johnson. Some of the band’s most renowned tracks include Heavy Metal Maniac, Violence and Force, Long Live the Loud and Pounding Metal. The band has over the decades managed to produce 12 studio albums and toured the world.

2. Anvil

This is among the oldest heavy metal bands from Canada. Established in the early 70s by thrash metal’s big 4 artists including Anthrax, Megadeth, Slayer and Metallica it has over the past decades grown to become a popular band for rock lovers. Although it seemed to have faded out in the 80s the band’s resilience ensured that it became popular once more in the 90s up until now. Some of the most popular songs associated with this band include Metal on Metal, Ego, Hope in Hell, March of the Crabs and Forged Fire.

1. VoiVod
This interesting band was created in the early 1980s. At inception the band was largely considered a thrash metal act. Having existed for the past three decades it has managed to shake off its previous tag and is now known for its own niche in the heavy metal, punk and hard rock genre. Some of the most popular tracks released by this band include Ravenous Medicine, Post Society, Nothingface and The X-Stream.

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