Rare Hair

Short Form Daily Show

Pariah Burke’s Rare Hair is a daily vignette, or short form show, aired throughout the broadcast day on FM, AM, and Internet radio stations around the world.

Remember that song that was your favorite the whole summer of 1986?

Or that one that got you through the tough breakup in ’91?

Yeah… When was the last time you heard those songs the radio? It’s been forever, hasn’t it? Even your favorite Classic Rock station doesn’t play any of those old favorites you long for.

That’s what Pariah Burke’s Rare Hair does: every day of the week, 365 days a year, Pariah Burke plays one of those 80s or 90s, and sometimes even late-70s and early-2000s, Hard Rock, Hair Metal, or Glam songs that used to be on the radio, but never get airplay any more. Monday through Friday, hear one of your long lost favorites, and two on Saturdays and Sundays, on Pariah Burke’s Rare Hair.

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Sample Rare Hair (Weekly Edition)

This is a recent Weekly Edition of Pariah Burke’s Rare Hair, which collects all 7-days of the daily show into a special edition with unique intro and outro. The Weekly Edition is available for streaming by those whose local radio stations don’t carry the daily show, or who miss an episode of the Daily Edition of Pariah Burke’s Rare Hair.

Only the Daily Edition is available to radio stations.

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