Crüe Cúts

Short Form Daily Show

Crüe Cúts with Pariah Burke is a daily vignette, or short form show, aired throughout the broadcast day on FM, AM, and Internet radio stations around the world.

The format is simple: Crüe Cúts with Pariah Burke plays only Motley Crue recordings–one Crue hit, one Crue deep cut, demo, or rarity–back-to-back. New shows every day of the week, 365 days per year.

Station owners/PDs interested in airing Crüe Cúts with Pariah Burke should make contact here.

Recent Playlists

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Crue Cuts Week 02 (Jan 3 – Jan 9)

Crue Cuts Week 01 (Dec 27 – Jan 2)