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Listen (and sometimes watch) complete, uncensored, uncut interviews with the movers, shakers, and rising musicians in Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Glam, and the New Wave of Classic Rock on the Hard, Heavy & Hair: The Interviews Podcast. You hear short interviews on radio/streaming The Hard, Heavy & Hair Show, but that’s only part of the story. Listen to Pariah Burke’s full interviews with the artists not cut to fit air time in the Hard, Heavy & Hair: The Interviews Podcast!

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Reb Beach (Whitesnake, Winger, Black Swan, guitarist) The Hard, Heavy & Hair Show with Pariah Burke

Reb Beach is a phenomenal guitarist, and he's played with some of the best in the Rock world. All those killer Winger solos and riffs? That's him. He's also the lead guitarist and co-writer for Whitesnake. And for Black Swan, the 2020 super group making pure 80s Rock music. Reb has played with everyone from Alice Cooper to the Bee Gees, Chaka Kahn to Danger Danger, Howard Jones to Twisted Sister, and with Roger Daltry on the Lost Boys Soundtrack. I recently talked with Reb by phone from his home in Pittsburgh about: Writing new music with Whitesnake and Winger his surprising review of the reactive load box his solo instrumental record2 joining Joe Satriani's G3 guitar tour the candid truth about why he can't remember riffs he just played If Aerosmith guitarist Brad Whitford breaks his hand and the bombshell news of the two OTHER albums he's working on for 2022. — Send in a voice message: https://anchor.fm/pariahrocks/message
  1. Reb Beach (Whitesnake, Winger, Black Swan, guitarist)
  2. George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob, The End Machine)
  3. Conny Bloom (Electric Boys, vocalist & guitarist)
  4. Lisa Perry aka Hellz (Hellz Abyss vocals)
  5. Mike Langford (Tense Machine & Deadset Society, drummer, record producer, artist consultant)
  6. Silo – Brian (guitar) and Matt (vocals) [Hardcore Country Metal]
  7. Banshee – Terry Dunn (guitar, founder) & George Call (vocals)
  8. Black Wolf Mountain – John Adams (guitar, founder) & Dylan Kidner (vocals)
  9. Brandon Cook (The Loyal Order, Black N' Blue, & Metalmorphosis)
  10. Ian Salpekar (Gone Savage)

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