Indie & Unsigned Artists Played on the Show

The Hard, Heavy & Hair with Pariah Burke show showcases independent, local, and unsigned artists and bands in the show’s “Indie & Unsigned” segment. Below are the artists whose music has been played around the world on FM and Internet stations on the Hard, Heavy & Hair “Indie & Unsigned” feature.

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“It started as a solo project” says founder, Lauren Elizabeth, “just a recreational and part time thing.”

As more opportunities arose it became obvious that this up and coming hard rock group from NW Arkansas was gaining an audience and being taken seriously. The solo project transformed into a band. Taking on the name Theody, they continued to share hope through lyrically driven songs that are relatable to any age group.

The musical history of Theody is also impressive, releasing their debut, self-titled album in July of 2014. It was well received and was quickly followed by their rendition of the Christmas hymn “Oh Come Emmanuel” as a single in December 2014. In early 2016 the band released a single “Define the Relationship” as they launched their crowd funding campaign for their sophomore album that was released March 2016. They just released a new project titled “Prelude”, that brings more heartfelt melodies and intense energy that Theody has become known for.

Listen to Theody playing on Episode 151 of Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Listen to the full Prelude EP by this week’s Indie & Unsigned band Theody on Apple Music/iTunes or Amazon.

Visit Theody’s website and Facebook Fan Page.

Tracy Grave

Straight from Italy (singing in English) comes Tracy Grave, a 5-piece modern Sleaze Metal band with a classic 80s feel and the perfect Sleaze Metal attitude and look. Tracy Grave, the band, was founded in 2018 by the individual artist-formerly-known-as Tracy Grave joining with Mark Shovel, Enea Grave, Nekro Viper, and Hurricane John.

Listen to Tracy Grave playing on Episode 149 of Hard, Heavy & Hair, “Vinyl, Cheese, Genocide, and Tawny Kitaen”.

Listen to the full Sleazy Future album by this week’s Indie & Unsigned band Tracy Grave on Apple Music/iTunes or Amazon.

Official Tracy Grave Facebook Fan Page


Scarecrowz is a Hard Rock band that formed in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in 2000. Since then, the band has been voted twice as a Top Ten band of Ottawa, won numerous band contest awards and have had airplay on radio stations as far away as The Netherlands, Germany and the southern U.S.

In their own words: Scarecrowz is a hard, ass kickin’ rock and Roll band that won’t fail to deliver the goods. We are loud, we are raw and we are raucous. The group plays modern heavy rock with a classic rock feel.

Listen to Scarecrowz playing on Episode 148 of Hard, Heavy & Hair, “Damn the Man! Save the Empire!”.

Official Scarecrowz Facebook Fan Page

Last Nights Villain

Last Nights Villain (LNV) is based in Lynchburg, Virginia. They’ve opened for Blue Ridge Rock Festival, KIX, BobaFlex, Pop Evil, and Puddle of Mudd.

Listen to Last Nights Villain playing on Episode 144 of Hard, Heavy & Hair, “Irish Whiskey”.

Official Last Nights Villain Facebook Fan Page

A Sound of Thunder

A Sound of Thunder is a female fronted American heavy metal band from the Washington DC metro area. This four piece band is known for its varying styles of musical composition, powerful female vocals, and energetic live shows.

Listen to A Sound of Thunder playing on Episode 125 of Hard, Heavy & Hair.

Official A Sound of Thunder Website

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